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A Workplace where the Grass is literally Greener

What is it about a workplace that excites you?  


A vibrant company culture? Better accessibility to founders? Work life balance? Privacy? Recreation? The work you do? 

At Dream11, we have it all. But most importantly we want our Dreamsters to be excited about the work they do and find meaning in what they do everyday.



Our culture is inspired by sports. At Dream11, you can find sports metaphors in our different practices and the alignment with sports is pretty clear wherever you look. We mean that literally! Our office is a visual treat; it’s like a stadium carpeted with green grass.

The lush green office space is our common floor. At Dream11, there are no ‘seniors’ or ‘juniors’; every Dreamster here gets equal opportunities to grow and bring their whole self to work. Most importantly, every Dreamster has an equal influence over all of our initiatives. And they exercise it through our anonymous listening platform – ‘Hyphen’.  

United we work. Gone are the days of C level cabins. Everyone, from the CEO to our interns, shares the same office floor. This enables transparency and ease of communication. Open interactions today are the greatest ingredient for innovative ideas and driving these interactions, irrespective of designation, is important for the growth of the team and the company.



We value individual accomplishments. We are inspired by champions. Champion teams and Dreamsters require ‘me’ time as much as ‘we’ time. So, to have productive ‘me’ time, the Stadium is surrounded by meeting rooms orDressing rooms’, inspired by sports. Organize team meetings, take important calls or work silently in peace. You won’t be disturbed in these ‘dressing rooms’!



Play the Game to Know Your Team 

We inspire the player in every Dreamster. An active and interactive workplace welcomes challenges with innovation. With our weekly sports sessions covering soccer, cricket, pool and badminton, we bring the game to work, every single day. 

Shape up or ship out. You can’t win a game with unfit players. Building a technology business that answers 15k requests per second requires fit & active Dreamsters. We nurture a culture of fitness all through the workday.  



Ease out and mix up! Playing your ideal sport is the best way to relax before you begin or end your workday. And who better to play or team up with than fellow Dreamsters? And when we mix this around, you’re team mates and rivals on the field and you get to play with everyone on the team giving you memories to cherish! 


Your Second Home 

We build a home away from home. How many organizations can truly say that? We know we can. At Dream11, the Stadium is not an office, it’s your home turf. It’s where we work hard, play hard and live the Dream with our teammates. The comfort and joy of finding a home at work is unparalleled! Together, we make the Stadium the second home and a happy place for every Dreamster.