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In Search of the Perfect ‘Chai’

India is a tea-loving country. A great cup of ‘chai’ is the most comforting and familiar cultural artefact that we can celebrate.

This makes every cuppa’ tea at Dream11 very important for us. Every cup of tea is prepared just the way our Dreamsters like it!

Our dedicated office boys make every cup their mission – ensuring our Dreamsters get the perfect taste.

Picking The Right Ingredients for a cup of ‘Chai’

We also are choosy about our ingredients. With every cup, we promote fitness and high-performance right from the first minute of the day. A cup of this ‘chai’ keeps us Dreamsters fresh, energetic and ready to make an impact in the work we do!

Just like every cup of tea, we plan every people practice at Dream11 meticulously. As a Great Place to Work we ensure our Dreamsters are excited about starting their day at 100%.

So whenever you stop by at Dream11, don’t forget to try out our home-made ‘chai’. For our Dreamsters deserve the best, and you too.

Apply here, and live your best innings with us!