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Sanjeev Kudikyala experiences the Joy in Giving

Happiness when shared, multiplies. Join our Dreamster Sanjeev Kudikyala as he shares his journey bringing happiness to the deserved yet underprivileged sections of Mumbai.

What are your earliest experiences helping the needy?

My first stint was founding the NGO called ‘Telugu People In Mumbai‘ (or TPIM Foundation), initiated way back in 2011. Focused on the upliftment of the needy, we did some pretty amazing work but lacked a social presence. We initiated a Facebook Page & an open Facebook group, welcoming contributions and volunteers to our cause.

Initially, we had a limited response, but then we grew substantially. Now we’re a group of about 20,000 contributors, a core team of 12 and 15 active volunteers. And today, I still am a part of it.

What do you like about working with TPIM?

The organizational motto, “Manava seve madhava seva” (Every small service counts) drew me to TPIM instantly. TPIM has over the years, worked with various other foundations, in order to connect with every underprivileged Mumbaikar.

We connected with Vatsalya Foundation two years back, helping homeless & orphaned children. In association with SPT Sangh, we organized a free health camp for the poor at Antop Hill, Mumbai. We worked with Praja Shakti Foundation in providing free self-defence and women safety seminars at Worli, Mumbai.

The diversity and our capability to work pan Mumbai keeps me glued to the cause.

What are your best memories with TPIM?

One of the perks of our efforts is that we make memorable moments on the go. Be it an impromptu magic shows, celebrating Diwali with the homeless or even a simple Drawing Competition gives us countless moments. Our efforts have featured in several Telugu news articles.

My best memory has to be our pre-Diwali event with the kids of Vatsalya Foundation, which was featured live on TV.

What do you like best about what you do?

Charity begins at home, and Mumbai is my home. I believe in making the world a better place for all. Serving my people is what makes my life exciting. I’m a part of a successful initiative, which then inspires my family and friends to contribute. So successful, that now they see the cause as clearly as I do. This growing initiative makes my every day exciting!

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