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Promoting Fitness Through In-Stadium Physiotherapy


Nitin Sutrave joined the Dream Team in the build-up to our biggest IPL season. His initial days circled around his Dream Team during the day and ended with football sessions with fellow Dreamsters. In one such session, he strained his ankle, leaving him unable to walk until the next week, when physiotherapy came to his rescue.

“I was unable to land my foot on the floor for the whole of next week. I remember limping to work for days after the incident. Until my teammates recommended me a session with our in-stadium therapist.”

The string of exercises turned out to be the exact thing Nitin needed. “Her recommendations worked like a charm. Considering the pain I was in, I wasn’t expecting to be back on my feet so quick. Our therapist knew exactly how my treatment would work out.”



How Physiotherapy Sessions Impact Fitness Regimes

At Dream11, we welcome our Dreamsters to take responsibility for their health and well being. With our in-stadium physiotherapist Dr. Priyanka Talreja, our teammates identify health risks and understand how their lifestyle choices impact their well being and work efficiency, every week.

According to Dr. Talreja, the problem lies deep within the lifestyle choices of Dreamsters. She takes her time understanding their travel routines, sleep routines, diet and the working style of all of the visiting Dreamsters. “Even what you prefer eating at lunch deeply impacts health your work efficiency for the day. The right meal can help Dreamsters stay active long after they finish their workday.”


In-Person sessions with physiotherapist Dr. Priyanka Talreja


Most of the Dreamsters follow trending fitness suggestions without consulting with a trained physiotherapist. Some that do, visit them in clinics or other stress-free environments, far from the Stadium. An in-stadium session is helpful for therapists to understand the working environment and Dreamsters’ reaction to it. This helps them recommend the right solution to their health concerns.

But Prevention is Better than Cure

Nitin wasn’t the only one. For fellow Dreamster Harsh Agrawal, physiotherapy is a continued effort. “In our dynamic Stadium environment, working with different clubs meant I had to sit in different places all day. This left me with a chronic pain in my back, and I had to sign up for a series of appointments,” he recalled.

For Dr. Talreja however, this isn’t a new discovery. “Even in a Stadium-like environment, Dreamsters work on their desks most of the time,” she says, “This can cause different kinds of fitness concerns, especially in the lower back and neck area.”



The toughest part is that Dreamsters don’t realize their health risks until it’s too late. They need help long before the pain starts. “Sports sessions after Stadium hours helps to an extent. But it’s still not enough to cover 5-6 hours of desk time. Eventually, the health risks become physical illnesses, needing a much extensive treatment.”

Therapy sessions served as a big realization for Harsh. “I understood I had to keep up the recommended exercises in order to avoid these backaches. Now, with just two exercise sessions a week, I can keep the pain away!”



A Little Therapy Goes a Long Way

Fitness Initiatives are the need of the hour at Dream11. An active Stadium with flexible work hours calls for our Dream Team to promptly adapt to the needs of our users and spend lesser leaves for health reasons. And providing them with the right support is what makes us a Great Place to Work.

For Harsh, it helps him maintain a stress-free body and stay fresh all day. For Nitin, physiotherapy sessions ensured he recovered just in time for his expedition to the Himalayas.

So join a team where you own your fitness journey. Apply here!