We believe in H.E.A.L

Hypothesis. Experiment. Analysis. Learning

Setting new records.

It has taken our Dreamsters some crazy brainstorming and arduous executions to make this ‘stadium’ the biggest fantasy sports hub in the nation. If you think you are equally passion driven and know the tricks to make our virtual world even more spectacular, then we have a place reserved just for you!

Culture that makes you feel at home

Be the owner
of your game

At Dream11, work is never ‘assigned’. It is taken up proactively by a team of passionate Dreamsters. We collaborate in an environment that offers surplus freedom to think out of the box and take ownership of opportunities that are bound to bring about the next big change.

Secrets out
Transparency in

We don’t hide behind the privacy of our desks and go hush-hush when asked questions. Just like our games, we are bold and out there with all that we got. Be it boardroom meetings, coffee break with friends or a battle at the TT table; transparency in conduct always tags along.

99% Data
1% Gut

Dream11 is less about assumptions and more about conclusions. When it comes to creating virtual experiences for our sports lovers, we believe in nothing but the facts. Our data obsessed thinkers meticulously extract insights and plan offerings that instantly connect with the audience.

Better at being
the best

For us, there are no Monday blues or fantastic Fridays. Each day at Dream11, welcomes an enthusiastic team that is turbo charged for high performance. We are constantly in the power-up mode and chase our goals untamed, unabashed.

It’s all about
the users

We started our journey with the sole purpose of giving our audience a sports experience that is at par with the real world. Everything since then has been about our users. Their needs and expectations sit royally at the epicenter of our thoughts and actions.

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Ready to be a GameChanger?