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Neha Sood Journeying through Life Underwater

Every dive underwater, I travel to a new world that I never even knew existed!

Once mildly phobic towards water bodies, Dream11’s Neha Sood dives her way through her own hesitations to become Dream11’s biggest diving enthusiast.

Tell us about your first moments underwater.

Earlier, I wasn’t too confident pursuing swimming, even for recreation. I had a feeling I would drown in a pool barely as deep as my height. With the help of instructors, I started out my first dive as a one-time sporty experience. I felt alive; even after coming back up, something about that experience underwater was calling out to me.

At that moment, I knew I had to go back in there. I pushed myself to become a certified Advanced Open Water Diver. Now, I can go as deep as 40m down there, without an instructor!

How did you fall in love with diving?

Every dive underwater, I travel to a new world that I never even knew existed. Life down there is truly magnificent, filled with new avenues to explore. Being this close to aquatic fauna is so fascinating that time seems to slow down. I can’t resist myself from diving into the nearest reef, whenever I’m close. Turtles, puffer fish & clown fish bring a big smile to my face, everytime I see them.

What were your best moments underwater?

Every moment has been the best if I begin to compare. With my husband, we created some amazing memories. From swimming alongside a whale shark to waiting for intimidating whitetip sharks to zoom past us, from crossing a big school of Barracudas to watching silvertip sharks fight over a tuna head, every dive has been special.

My personal favorite was a dive through the underwater caves at Gato Island. The 10m cave had schools full of fishes; I could see a group anywhere I flashed my light.

Nature can be so beautiful, especially in the dark.

I can’t wait to go back there!

How difficult is balancing life over and under water?

Not at all. On the contrary, it’s much easier here at Dream11. My team is very supportive of my time-offs. A pre-planned vacation is always welcome and encouraged. We’re a team of adventure lovers including fellow Dreamsters like Aditya, and push each other to chase our hobbies, much like our work.

To me, diving is more of a lazy pursuit. It’s an exciting initiative, but a much more relaxing experience. It makes me one with nature and takes me to the wonders that lie beyond.
It’s a challenge that I’m glad I dived into.

I am match-ready. What about you?

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