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MasterChef @Dream11 – Bringing Creativity to Life

At Dream11, we celebrate creativity and ingenuity every opportunity we get. Over the years at the Stadium, we motivate creative minds that power Dream11.

This year, we brought their creative genius to our cafeteria, in our annual culinary fest: MasterChef of Dream11!

Auction in Action!

All Dreamsters, irrespective of their cooking skills had an exciting opportunity. The culinary teams had both chefs and traders, assigned to create a three-course meal. Rib tickling names like the Cemetery, Foodie boys, etc. kept excited Dreamsters on their toes!

The traders made the first move by winning ingredients over in spot auctions using game coins. They had multiple objectives to fulfil:

  • Buy enough ingredients using game coins for chefs to start cooking
  • Hoard enough ingredients to trade profitably
  • Save enough game coins

The bidding war was unstoppable! Teams won multiple ingredients to their table. They sold, bargained and bartered to bring back the exact needs of their chefs, and saved game coins.

Auction in Action

Bread loaf for 5 coins… Going once, Going twice, SOLD!

Make your Dream Dish!

It was now the turn of chefs to brainstorm. They dreamt up ingenious, exotic dishes from the ingredients. We asked the Dreamsters to name their crazy dishes. Cooking expert or not, Dreamsters put on their creative hats, teamed up to leave mouth-watering recipes on the table. The excitement was incredibly difficult to contain. Some of the dishes blew our minds away!

Chefs at Work!
Chefs at Work!

The Foodie Jury

This year, we brought in the biggest food lovers of our Dream Team to be the ultimate judges of the MasterChef challenge. The dishes were evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Taste of the dishes
  • Table Presentation
  • Total Game coins in possession
  • Neatness

And these foodies were more than happy to judge!

And the MasterChef 2017 Champions are…

The Cemetery munched away the title of MasterChef, while leaving Foodie boys as close runners-up.

The Winners: Cemetery!
The Winners: Cemetery!

Filled with moments of eureka and nostalgia, this fest was the one break they were all looking for!

Runners Up- The Foodie Boys!
Runners Up- The Foodie Boys!

We encourage Dreamsters to think smart in all aspects of life. These events become a subtle reminder for one of our core values; learn every day.

Isn’t this a fun way to challenge the creative you?

Then join the creative bandwagon. Apply today!