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How Dream11 preps for the IPL

How Dreamsters Prepare for the IPL

Dream11 is all set for IPL!

“The two captains are out in the field. And it’s time for toss.”

Crores of fantasy players log in to Dream11 at once, to finalize their teams right before the first delivery is bowled. A part of this hurry is our stadium of Dreamsters. However, their preparation and work for each IPL match, to smoothen the users’ experience, take a lot of time and energy. The T20 season is a ‘Test’ for them, of their mental and physical abilities. We at Dream11 understand and respect that. We plan for our Dreamsters beforehand, to make IPL an easy ride for these Game Changers. Let’s have a look into what preparing for IPL looks like.

  • Bye bye, long meetings: Our Dreamsters don’t work at the office, but the Stadium. Why have​  long, boring meetings then? We thought through and knew exactly what our Dreamsters needed – short, crisp huddles; something they relate to, and that prepares them every day, giving clarity on what tasks to prioritize.
  • IPL after before parties:​ Yes, we start off our IPL adventure with a bash. It is a celebration of the success we achieve before the gala, in terms of designing the perfect formula for the users. Also, it is always better to start on a high!
  • Tech team’s ‘War Room’: Have you ever wondered why, despite having a concurrency of over​ 2.2 million, Dream11 never crashes? Credit goes to our soldiers (read: engineers) and their ‘War Room’. These superhumans keep monitoring the platform, throughout the season, from their favorite den.
  • SuperLoad Tests to be ‘super’ sure: Before you all gather for your ultimate Dream11​    experience, we make sure the platform goes through enough tests to determine if it’s ready or not. We are an ever-increasing population of billions of cricket-maniacs after all!
  • User First customer care: To make sure we find a solution to every query of each user, we have​ our lightning-fast chatbots! Each day, one lakh mail queries are addressed at Dream11.
  • Dream11 cares: Working in the rigorous schedule during a league such as IPL, where there is​ action every day, can take a toll on our Dreamsters’ health and we make sure we do our best to prevent that. Here are some of the arrangements made especially for our family –
  1. Food to transport, all expenses covered: Long working days come with extra stress and we​ make sure our Dreamsters take their health first. The dinners and ride back home are all on us so that they have to worry a little less.
  2. Stay closer to the ‘Stadium’: After those strenuous schedules, it is necessary that our
    Dreamsters hit home the earliest. So, for those long-commuters, we bring the home closer to the Stadium. Accommodation close to the Stadium is provided to them because nothing is better than a cozy bed after hard work.
  3. A true Stadium experience: Coconut Water? Waffles? Ice-cream? We have it ready for our​  Dreamsters to take the stress off their shoulders. Also, we have relaxation options – for instance, an in-house physiotherapist for our Dreamsters. Beat that! ​      
  • Thank you, our extended family: The secret behind Dream11’s success is the hard work of their​ Dreamsters, and also, the relentless support of their family members. We make sure their effort does not go unnoticed and send personalized ‘thank you cards’ to them. They too are a part of our journey after all.

They say when people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home. We at Dream11, try our best to do that. Not just by ensuring that our Dreamsters have their heart all along, but also by making the Dream11 Stadium feel like home.