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Getaway to Wankhede: Watching the Game Live!

When more than a dozen Dreamsters set off to watch Team Mumbai take on Team Bangalore last week, very few anticipated the fun they would have in watching India’s biggest T20 league, live. But even before they made it to MCA’s prestigious Wankhede stadium, the atmosphere was full of excitement. And then, with Umesh Yadav taking two wickets in the first two balls, the stage was set for a thrilling match for all.

At Dream11, we always nudge our Dreamsters to experience the game just like our users. We are a team of sports fans like every user who plays Dream11. We experienced the same grief when Suryakumar Yadav was dismissed first ball, and then cheered loudly for every boundary hit by the hit-man himself. So why keep these die-hard fans away from the sports they adore?

Instead, we take them closer to the game than they can ever be.


Watching the Sport Live

Every year, Dream11 sponsors Dreamsters to go live the ‘fan’ experience. Be it an India versus Korea hockey match, or a football league game or a high octane T20 clash, Dreamsters win tickets all year round. But our Dreamsters’ favourites are these T20 league games. So, we book tickets for all T20 league matches, every year at Wankhede.

In these exciting moments, our Dreamsters not only understand our user experience better but also experience the highs and lows of playing Dream11.




“Watching Mitchell McClenaghan taking cruicial wickets and denting Team Bangalore’s chase was not only a delight, but also an important lesson on how underrated bowlers and wickets are in T20 games. The excitement amongst fans made me realize that a wicket is much more valuable in fantasy points than sixes.”

– Mustafa Kesarya

Moreover, these games bring the unlikeliest of Dreamsters together, as they bond over the cricket carnival and enjoy the best moments of their life.


Live Screening for the Superfans

But that’s not all. We understand all of our Dreamsters are not hardcore Team Mumbai fans. In fact, some want to follow other teams and tournaments too. So to ensure they don’t miss out, we take the sport home!



We screen the most popular matches live in our Stadium, as our Dreamsters watch and enjoy!

With these nudges, we make our busiest season memorable for all Dreamsters. Even a mundane responsibility like learning about our product becomes so exciting when Dreamsters experience it this way. And then, we take on new ideas as a united team.

So come live your dream with our team. Apply here!