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Fantasy Sports 101

Fantasy sports started as a fun game among friends and has shortly transformed into one of the Internet’s biggest sports sensations. Its booming popularity has made it a multi-billion dollar industry around the world, and India is catching up fast too. 

Wait, but what is Fantasy Gaming?

Simply put, fantasy sports is a digital platform that allows millions of sports fans to create virtual teams, compete and win against each other in their chosen sport. It is a skill-based online sports game where fans can create their own team made up of real-life players from upcoming matches and is widely played across cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball and other popular sports games. These virtual teams garner points based on the actual statistical performance of players during the course of the real-life match and winners are determined accordingly.

How is India catching up?

Growing tremendously each day, Dream11 is India’s biggest sports game with over 6 crore users playing fantasy cricket, kabaddi, football, hockey and basketball. Dream11 has officially partnered with Indian and International sports bodies and leagues like ICC, IPL, NBA, Pro Kabaddi League, International Hockey Federation and Big Bash League as their official fantasy sports game. Talk about playing in the big leagues!

How to play?

All you have to do is log onto the Dream11 website or app and Select and join a match you wish to play

  • Carefully select players from both the participating teams and create your own dream team (11 players for cricket, 7 for Kabaddi etc) using your sports knowledge – Watch the real match and track your player’s scorecard to know your ranking
  • Depending on the on-field performance of your chosen players, you will start earning points
  • You can then withdraw your winnings, if any, from your Dream11 account.

Does everyone get a fair chance?

The secret to winning on Dream11 is using your sports knowledge and understanding in selecting the best performing players from both teams. The players you choose for your team determines the fate of your ranking. Each user gets the same amount of credits to form a team. Dream11 ensures FairPlay with a level playing field that gives each user equal opportunities to win using the same rules, including playing credits and fixed player pricing. 


Dream11 is a ‘game of skill’ that gives sports fans the opportunity to deeply engage with a sport they follow passionately and love by showcasing their sports knowledge that they have amassed over time. The Dream11 format is approved by the High Court and Supreme Court of India. The Dream11 game involves considerable skill, judgment and discretion in choosing players, which gives the users an opportunity to win on the basis of their knowledge of their chosen sport.


Who wouldn’t like the chance to win money, and especially if it involves engaging with your favorite sport. Dream11 is giving people a way to engage in real sporting action and also win along the way. 

What makes it so popular?

The massive craze that we are witnessing for fantasy sports in India is thanks to the passion with which every sports fan follows and engages with his/her favorite sport. With an increasing number of sports leagues around the world, you can now actively participate and manage your own team of your favorite sport.

Dream11 is India’s biggest sports game, giving sports fans a real chance to become a master of their skill, and not just be a spectator of the on-field action. A chance to win money and show off your skills is just an add on. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?