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All Dreamsters are Talent Scouts

At Dream11, we believe our Dreamsters are the best advocates of our talent brand.

In fact, they’re also the best in getting the right talent to Dream11. Our Enthusiastic Dreamsters can’t wait to get new Dreamsters onboard: since our launch in 2012, one in every six superstars joining us is referred by a Dreamster.

In order to refer superstars effectively, Dreamsters need a great referral experience. And in order to have a great referral experience, they need an effective referral platform. Over the years, we’ve rolled out new initiatives for a seamless referral experience and this year, we set the bar even higher.

How ‘Talent Scouts’ redefines Referral Experience

In association with Ripplehire, we initiated ‘Talent Scouts’, a gamified online referral program where Dreamsters can refer their friends and win amazing experiences with every successful referral.

It’s not just the rewards that make it amazing. Dreamsters have complete access to share jobs on social networks. At the same time, they can directly add CVs to the portal.

This doesn’t end here. Dreamsters can track the live status of every referral they make, all at one place! They know exactly how to motivate their referrals to join us.

With every successful referral, Dreamsters win once in a lifetime experiences. These experiences range from shopping vouchers, travel vouchers and much more. To top it off, we give away grand prizes every quarter to all the top players of the program.

Talent Scouts has become the best program to recognize, motivate and celebrate employee referrals while giving an awesome referral experience to all.

Be a Friend of Dream11 and win!

You can win with us too! Join the Dream11 Talent Network here and win exciting prizes for helping us hire.