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Mix and Match Ideas with Dream Teams

How often are you aware of your business goals?

Have you lost yourself chasing daily targets?

At Dream11, we know that work routines make people susceptible to tunnel vision; the inability to think beyond tasks as employees get isolated from the company objectives.

We believe that our Dreamsters should know why they do what they do. We want our Dreamsters to be all-rounders and overcome tunnel vision.


To gain perspective, we Dreamsters don’t work in teams. We have Dream Teams.


What are Dream Teams?


Dream Teams are teams of 11 Dreamsters each from various departments called clubs brought together by a singular business goal. This business goal could be enhancing the current product line, creating customer loyalty, improving user retention, etc. The Dreamsters can be from various clubs like Tech, Marketing, Design, etc.

Dream Teams each with a Team Captain, work autonomously, and are accountable only to our board members; members of our management who approve these goals.


Dream Teams effectively become a Start-up within our Start-up.Dream Teams effectively become a Start-up within our Start-up.


With every new business goal, we assign Dreamsters from various clubs to a new Dream Team. We refresh all Dream Teams every quarter according to the business goals.


Bringing the Dream Teams together – Seat allotment planning
Bringing the Dream Teams together – Seat allotment planning


How does this impact our approach?

We are aware. Every Dreamster can visualize the entire business goal. We know, we adapt, we optimize our daily work better. No form of compartmentalization is encouraged within Dream Teams. Every step we take or correct is goal-oriented and approved unanimously.

We empathize. Dreamsters now know the challenges that the other clubs face. Barring final deadlines, Dream Teams can pace their work as they please. Within a Dream Team, we approach challenges better. The more we know, the better we back each other up!

We innovate. ‘Dream Teams’ itself is an out-of-the-box idea to promote other out-of-the-box ideas. Dreamsters get complete autonomy in choosing their methods and resources. Dream Team captains combine these ideas into a road-map, many of which later become a new product feature.



Even we sit according to our goals!
Even we sit according to our goals!


Goals unite Dreamsters. Irrespective of the department they belong to, Dreamsters sit with their Dream Teams in our Stadium.

Goal oriented seating helps Dreamsters visualize the entire business goal. A broader perspective boosts their productivity. Sitting next to a Dreamster with a complementary work style can be a cost-effective way to inject energy and efficiency into the workday.

At Dream11,

“Teamwork makes the Dream work”


So come live your Dream with the Team. Apply here!