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Lights. Smiles. Fun. It’s Diwali @ Dream11

Festivals are the heart and soul of every culture.



Every year, Dreamsters excitedly wait to celebrate various festivals with their families and friends at home. It’s during these celebrations where Dreamsters reconnect, relax and cherish the wonderful celebrations with their loved ones.

Dream11 is one big family of proud Indians that have been together through thick and thin. So why wait till you’re home for the celebrations to begin?

Instead, we bring the festivals to our Stadium. This Diwali, we brought the traditions and party to Dream11!


Lighting it Up!



Our super-energetic designers took the lead, splashing the brightest of their creative ideas all around the stadium.

The result: lights, smiles, fun!


Designers making Diwali exciting!
Our super-talented designers #MakeDiwaliExciting


Dreamsters proudly showed off their cultural heritage in their traditional attire on Diwali. The entire Stadium was lit up for the occasion.




That’s not all. Exciting gifts awaited at the desks of all Dreamsters!


A special mention to our support staff, the super-dedicated office boys who have always been the rock of Dream11.



‘Thank You’ is a quote that is shown better than said. These gifts are our way of thanking all Dreamsters for living their dream with us.

Wish you all a happy and prosperous Diwali!