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Tell Us: Where should our international offsite be this year?

Exactly three months ago, in one of our monthly townhalls, we discussed our quarterly goals with 130 Dreamsters. “These are the numbers we believe we can achieve. Last quarter was about picking the best ideas, this quarter is about executing them to perfection.”

It wasn’t just any quarter, but the IPL T20 League season we’re talking about. Our Data Obsessed team set record goals that seem impossible to achieve, let alone beat.

And yet, the energy in our Dream Team was high; enough to outperform the target and emulate world-class teams.

An offsite like no other

In the first four weeks of April, we saw tremendous growth. We acquired 4 lakh new users every day throughout the season. In just four weeks, we achieved 50% of our quarterly goals. By the end of the IPL T20 league in May, we achieved our goals and by the end of June, we beat all goals by 30%!

This landmark achievement deserved a celebration like no other. Every year, we go on an offsite with all of our Dreamsters. Following this huge success, we tweaked our offsite planning this year, to this:

That’s right; this year, we will take our Dream Team to our first-ever international offsite!

As Data-Obsessed Dreamsters, we decided to first analyze public opinion to help find the right place for our first ever international offsite. Initially, we circled 20 locations across the globe for our offsite, which after applying a few constraints like climate, activities, etc. was narrowed down to these ones.

Answer the poll below so we can agree on where to go this year:

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