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When it comes to statistics in sports, “What if?” is a question that occupies minds, of commentators, team managers, and sports fans alike. Be it Robert Martinez’s strange tactics in FIFA 2018 or the Indian test team picking Kuldeep Yadav at the Lord’s against England, people in opposing opinions remain convinced in their own alternate realities.

Android Architecture Dream11

Dream11 Android Application Architecture

Over the years, mobile application developers have experimented with various standard architecture patterns like Model View Controller (MVC), Model View Presenter (MVP), Model View ViewModel (MVVM), and clean architecture et al. These patterns need improvisations to implement it for specific requirements of the mobile app. While designing the architecture, the first step is to identify and state the objectives.

Throwback: Prof. Misra’s first introduction to Dream11

This week, Prof. Vishal Misra (Prof. Columbia University and Founder, Infinio) reminisced about his earlier years collaborating with a compulsive entrepreneur in New York City. This entrepreneur had a dream – make field sports exciting for crores of fans and data scientists

A Journey to Insightful Data

Despite the sense of promise surrounding Big Data, most companies estimate they are only analysing 12% of their data, while 80% of data on average is unstructured and does not lend itself to analysis easily.Big Data is much more than simply a matter of size — it presents an opportunity to discover key insights and emerging trends in data, makes businesses more agile, board room decisions better informed, and answer questions that have previously been considered unanswerable. With all the hype around big data, insightful data is eventually most important to business.

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