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Breakfast with Champions: Meet the Captains


“All I expected were a few formal introductions on my first week at Dream11. Chatting with the captains over breakfast made it so much easier. Now I’m confident that my captains are just one holler away.”

– Harish Barge, Test Engineer

At Dream11, we know that introducing new Dreamsters should be a fun & exciting experience. To make our Dreamsters feel at home here, they need to know our captains and vice-captains better.

That’s why we are a Great Place to Work. We stay true to the spirit of our captains, who welcome these superstars themselves!


How Breakfast Meets Leave Lasting Impressions

Let’s take the case of a new Dreamster. Breakfast sessions ensure that all captains onboard a Dreamster together, in a unique and memorable way. They learn so much more about us and our culture over a dining table than anywhere else. Most importantly, with these breakfast sessions, we remind our Dreamsters just how excited we’re to have them here and how important they are to the overall growth of Dream11.

The outlining purpose is to get to know the new Dreamsters better, but it’s these curious prodigies that ask the most questions. These questions bring out some exciting stories from the captains, who are more than willing to share and have fun!



“Breakfast with  Dream11 was an amazing introduction to all the captains. I know their hobbies, favorite sports leagues and so much more than their first names. And it’s such a reassuring experience when I know every captain is there to back me up, anytime I need them.”

– Pradeep Thoke, Data Engineer

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