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Aditya Narisetty – Dream11’s Aspiring Iron Man

Bringing the sport to work keeps me on my A-game, all day!

One of our very athletic Dreamsters Aditya Narisetty talks about his journey getting fit and staying fit with Dream11.

What inspired you to be an Iron Man?

I was never into sports or physical activities until I turned 16. During my B.Tech, programme, my institute had a lot of sporting facilities and I started exploring them one by one.

One of my friends signed me up for a Triathlon event and I participated reluctantly. I finished 3rd amongst 40 participants. The adrenaline rush in crossing the finish line instilled new confidence in me, to try it again and again, without worrying about the time taken.

Transitioning as an athlete from academic to a work life wasn’t easy. A year into my professional career I gained 8 kgs because of workload. Deployments, release, monitoring, debugging, patching, analyzing, deadlines and what not. This made me ask myself,

“Is it worth living a life where I can’t have 30 minutes a day to myself?”

From then on, I resolved to master at least one sport every year. I continued to pursue every sport that I could afford, both physically and financially. Then a friend recommended being an Iron Man.

Finishing half the distance is a landmark achievement for me. Even if I’m just Half an Iron Man, I’m leaner, fitter and start my work day fresher than ever.

How’d you fall in love with cycling?

I bought a cycle in my freshman year and I began cycling from hostel to lecture halls every day. Since then, I’ve been cycling, separately or as part of triathlons.

I’ve been a big follower of the cycle2work initiative, and motivate my friends and fellow Dreamsters to ride to work every day. With about 200 cyclists as part of this project, it is safe, makes us energetic and is fun!

How does Dream11 help bring out the Iron Man in you?

Dream11 offers me an open work culture, where I can speak my mind and seldom carry my work home. We’ve only one peak season – the IPL quarter, from February to June, even when I don’t carry any stress/worry after work.

Every two weeks, I get an exclusive chat with my reporting manager and my CEO Harsh Jain where we discuss my personal growth and opportunities. This boosts my confidence in pursuing any and every hobby I like. Flexible work hours and getting deliverables over micro-management helps me maintain a work-play balance like never before.

Nobody trains all 365 days a year. Post IPL season, I can get to pick any event a month in advance and execute a 30-day training schedule. For the added extra mile, I can also cycle to work!

Maintaining a fit life in Mumbai is a Dream for many. What’s your message to them?

Don’t chase result-oriented goals like weight loss, packed abs or strong biceps. You might lose motivation after achievement. Because,

“Fitness is not an achievement, it’s a responsibility.”

Multiple Sports
You needn’t play a fixed set of sports. Pursue all those that excite you.

Set process-oriented goals. Something like 100 push-ups, a kilometre of swimming or cycling, 1000 skips with the rope, deadlifts, etc. are tangible, repeatable and keeps you in the hunt and responsible every moment.

Here’s how you get hooked on a fit lifestyle:

A gym subscription in Mumbai might be expensive, but equipment isn’t. A 4 sq. meter area in any of your rooms is enough for a basic workout routine. Ditch the Uber and cycle/jog to work. You needn’t start early, but you’ll need a fixed routine. Mumbai is replete with sports clubs and success stories of fit people.

In the words of my CEO,

“Keep your plans simple, and the execution perfect.”

So what are you waiting for? Join a league of high-performing superstars. Apply here!